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Joint Replacement

At Proliance Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine, we have highly trained and board certified physicians that are dedicated to managing and treating joint complications resulting from degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis, musculoskeletal disease or joint trauma. Our providers utilize the latest surgical techniques and artificial joint hardware and technologies. Our approach ensures that joint replacement surgery restores the greatest function possible for patients with severely degraded range of motion, mobility and pain.

With joint replacement surgery, we restore our patients’ ability to undertake everyday activities like playing sports, gardening, playing with children and grandchildren, or even walking, without the constant pain that had previously plagued those efforts. For many patients, they are able to return to these activities after years of having to limit or avoid them altogether due to the debilitating effects of their degrading joints.

Before recommending joint replacement, our providers evaluate with our patients the many factors that must be considered before proceeding with this surgery and its rigorous rehabilitation regimen. This includes evaluating the degree of existing limitations; evaluating and diagnosing the degree and type of disease or degenerative process, evaluating the level of pain being experienced and conducting a thorough discussion with patients regarding all surgical and rehabilitation options.

Our joint replacement procedures include:

  • Total hip replacement
  • Total and partial knee replacement
  • Total and partial shoulder replacement



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Real Healing from Home

If you’re preparing for a knee, hip, or shoulder replacement, you might qualify for our Outpatient Joint Program.