Your Joint Health Shouldn't Wait.

How surgical centers provide a safe space for joint replacement during COVID-19.

COVID-19 has caused all of us to pause.
But it hasn’t put a stop to your joint pain.

For people living with daily pain due to joint degeneration, joint replacement is a critical procedure that can return them to their active lifestyle. Because joint replacement is an elective surgery, though, the current pandemic raises some important questions for many patients. Is a hospital the right place for an elective surgery right now? Is it safe? Is there a better option?

If you’re wondering if you should wait to schedule your planned joint replacement, there is an alternative to the hospital: Highlands Surgery Center. You can have your surgery in a safe space without the concern for exposure that you might have in the hospital setting.

Stop waiting. Start Healing.

The Highland Surgery Center

Outpatient Surgery Centers are a complimentary alternative to hospitals that offer a host of benefits to patients. These benefits are even more important given the current pandemic.

Highlands Surgery Center is fully equipped to perform your surgery, and we go through the same regulatory processes, inspections, and certifications as a hospital. However, all we do is outpatient surgery. This allows us to create a more streamlined experience that’s proven to be safer than a hospital environment for elective surgical procedures.

Our modern facility is designed specifically for your procedure. Personal recovery suites provide a private and comfortable recovery space during your stay with us. The health benefits associated with outpatient joint replacement surgery at our Highlands Surgery Center are always important – but during the COVID-19 pandemic, those benefits are even more pronounced.

It’s cleaner & safer.

Lowered risk for infection because all we do is outpatient surgery for healthy patients.

Heal at home.

Patients go home the same or next day, for more relaxed – and successful – healing at home.

It’s cost effective.

The out-of-pocket costs 
for most patients are lower compared to a typical hospital stay.

Safer & Cleaner

Cleanliness is always important when it comes to healthcare and surgery, but especially right now.

At the Highlands Surgery Center, we have less people in and out, and we can control who we are inviting into the facility. It’s a proven fact that while surgical site infection rates are low in both surgical settings, surgery centers experience lower rates on average than hospitals.

Hospitals care for sick patients; a necessity for our communities. Surgery centers allow for a more controlled environment, and thus lower probability of exposure to other illness.

My Pain is Gone

"From the moment I walked in, Dr. Hulst made me feel like I was the only patient he had that whole day. Unfortunately, my surgery was postponed twice due to the current situation, but Dr. Hulst called me himself to apologize and explain the situation. The patient experience is really good.

The day of my surgery, he came in and high-fived me and was so positive. I felt so safe going back into the surgery center. I felt better going to the center than I would’ve going to a hospital. They were very clear about safety and precautions.

Dr. Hulst might be a magician. My scar is minuscule, my legs are exactly the same length, and my pain is gone."

Jan Nicholas

Hip Replacement Patient

Best Thing I Ever Did

"I came to Proliance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine based on the recommendation of a friend. I had never had any kind of major surgery, but Dr. Scott made it so calming that I wasn’t nervous at all. I knew that that was it.

I am so proud of everyone there. It is excellent team. I was so in awe. It was the best thing I ever did, and I tell everyone I know, if they have to go, this is the place.

Mary Zarn

Total Hip Replacement

Real Healing At Home

Now, more than ever, it’s ideal to heal at home in your own private environment. Joint replacement procedures performed at our Highlands Surgery Center typically release patients the day of or day after surgery for at home healing.

We continue to participate in and monitor your healing, but you are able to spend the majority of your time in your own surroundings. Recuperating in the comfort of your own home isn’t just more comfortable: it often promotes a faster, more successful healing process.

The idea of recovering in a hospital setting can be unsettling. Your nightly sleep is often interrupted, and healing in a hospital bed never sounds quite as nice as being in your own bed.

With outpatient joint procedures you can heal at home, safely and comfortably.

Exceeded All My Expectations

I first met with Dr. Bruckner in January. He performed a Left THA in March and Right THA that June. By September I was back to hiking, backpacking, and hunting in rough and steep terrain. By December I was back to full exercise, including running 9 miles a week. I had an immediate reduction in pain after each surgery, with improvement every day. Now, one year after my first meeting with Dr. Bruckner, I have no pain with any activity. I’m back to full function in my work as a physical therapist. My outcome has exceeded all my expectations. Aside from the precautions I now take to protect my hips, I might forget that I ever had THAs. Dr. Bruckner has assembled the Dream Team at Highlands Surgery Center – from the anesthesiologists to the pre-op care providers, OR and recovery room nurses, to the OR support personnel, scrub techs, and follow-up care providers.

Jeff Fjelstul

Total Hip Replacement

Cost Effective

When you think of surgery, safety and quality of care are paramount. What if you could have safe, quality care, and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses? This is often the case with joint replacement at our Highlands Surgery Center.

The out-of-pocket costs for most patients are lower compared to a typical hospital stay. You enjoy the same physician, the same procedure, for about 45-60% less cost.

Straightforward & Uncomplicated

"I was amazed at how straightforward and uncomplicated my hip replacement was. I was in and out so quickly, and everyone I encountered with Dr. Boone's team, who worked with me and on me, was fantastic. The amount of time it took me to recover was fast, and way beyond my expectations. It made me wonder why I waited so long in the first place to schedule this surgery. I immediately scheduled my other hip at the Highlands Surgery Center!

Mark Mayrhofer

Hip Replacement Patient

Premier Surgical Care:
A Streamlined Experience

The Highlands Surgery Center is an extension of your care team.

Your surgeon, support care staff, and physical therapists all operate as an integrated team. With direct access and communication, we can make sure your healing is on the right track, all the time.

If you’re considering joint replacement surgery, don’t wait in pain.

We encourage you to make an appointment to learn more about the Highlands Surgery Center and speak with your provider about the options that exist for you to get you back into the life you love – as soon as possible.

We’re working hard to ensure your safe healing, today –
 and every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Joint Replacement surgeries are well suited for a Surgery Center?

Knee and Hip procedures are common.

Will my insurance accept this?

Insurances actually tend to prefer surgery completed at a surgery center as opposed to a hospital. It’s known that infection rates are lower at surgery centers, since it’s a controlled environment, and you’ll still receive the same high-quality care from your physician and surgeons.

How long will I be at the center after my procedure?

Recovery periods vary depending on the type and length of your surgery and are specific to your body. Once you’re medically stable, seen by the physical therapist, and able to keep liquids down, you’ll be released to your care partner and will be able to go home. Overnight stays are typically unnecessary.

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