Diagnostic & Treatment Services

At Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine we are steadfastly dedicated to delivering exceptional care. Our patients are our top priority and accordingly, we recently we made an important investment to ensure we have the best technology to provide the best care.

Our new MRI system offers multiple benefits to our patients, but perhaps the most important is the dramatically improved image quality. Better images lead to better diagnoses, and ultimately, better care.

The Future of MRI Technology is Hereat Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

We’re pleased to offer the most technologically advanced MRI solution available, the GE 3T Architect.

It’s fast.

Quicker, targeted exams.
Spend less time in the tube.

It’s comfortable.

Comfortable memory foam.
Alleviate pressure points.

It’s clear.

The most advanced image quality. Quality images for your provider.

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To expedite your referral process, care teams can fill out our MRI request worksheet electronically and share with our office. Click here to access.

Our Facility

We provide MRI diagnostic services at Proliance Highlands Medical Center in Issaquah. Our facility offers state-of-the-art services in a cozy, home-like setting. We strive to make your stay, however brief, a comfortable one. It’s all part of our 5-Star Patient Experience.