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At Proliance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, our Physicians and healthcare staff combine compassion, customer service, and technical expertise to deliver exceptional patent care. Our providers are not only able to treat the most basic aches and pains, but each of our physicians also have additional training (known as fellowship training) and experience in treating more specific conditions, such as joint replacement, which truly sets our expert staff apart.

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Need information about orthopaedic conditions and treatments? Select a body area to view related information in the Article Links section below.


Need information about orthopaedic conditions and treatments? Select a body area to view related information in the Article Links section below.


Shoulders are responsible for a wide range of motion contributing tremendously to our daily routines. A combination of joints, muscles, and tendons, our shoulders can be a complicated area. From common diagnoses and conditions to surgeries and exercises, the articles below will help you learn more about standard areas of concern in the shoulder region.


Back & Spine

Our back and spine play important roles in our mobility; with multiple functionalities needed throughout the day. From supporting you and allowing movement, to protecting your spinal cord and keeping you upright. Read below to learn about injury prevention, exercises, and common diagnoses and treatements for all ages.



Muscles, bones, and tendons – all work together in the arms to accomplish daily tasks. Browse the articles below to learn more about different conditions, fractures, injuries, and treatments (including orthopaedic surgical procedures all affecting our arms.



Our elbows may seem like a simple area, but in reality, it can be a bit complex. While we may not notice it daily, when we are dealing with pain or injury, we quickly remember how important the elbow joint is. Review the articles below for more information on dislocation, pain, sports-related injuries, and even replacement.



Our hands are not only important, but they are complex. Browse the articles below to learn more about common orthopaedic conditions and diagnoses. From fractures and tendon injuries, to arthritis and wrist pain, the articles below are a great resource to empower you as a patient.



Our hips are a major joint in our body. When we’ve been injured, or we have pain, it no doubt affects our daily routines. Browse the list of articles below to learn more about many of the hip conditions we treat. From fractures to hip replacements, we are ready to help.



Muscle strains, fractures, and more commonly effect our legs. Take a look through the educational leg articles listed below as you review the different diagnoses or pain you may be experiencing. This resource is filled with articles for before, after, and during treatment.



Our knees are made up of many parts, making it a complex joint often times susceptible to sprains, strains, fractures, and more. Review our vast list of educational knee articles below covering numerous topics: from tears to total knee replacements, and more.


Foot & Ankle

Our feet and ankles have lots of little bones, and we put them to work daily. Browse the articles below to learn more about these important areas on our bodies. From learning the proper way find the right fit for your shoes and athletics concerns, to achilles tendinitis and more – the resources below will help you better understand most of your foot and ankle concerns.


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