Advancements in sports medicine often spell hope for athletes and active individuals alike. Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine now offers a groundbreaking solution for ACL injuries: the Bridge Enhanced ACL Repair. Led by Dayne Mickelson, MD, the introduction of this surgical option at Proliance marks a new era in ACL treatment.

Traditionally, ACL tears have necessitated reconstruction using grafts from either the patient’s own body or deceased donors. However, the BEAR Implant harnesses and enhances the body’s innate healing mechanisms. “I am excited to have this option now available to select ACL patients to provide a more robust repair option for their ACL injury rather than having to move forward with a reconstruction as first line treatment,” Dr. Mickelson explains.

Understanding the BEAR Implant

The BEAR Implant facilitates natural healing by bridging the torn ends of the ACL. Unlike reconstruction, which involves graft replacement, the BEAR Implant preserves the existing ACL tissue, restoring it to its original quality and size.

How Does it Work?

The BEAR Implant capitalizes on the body’s clot-forming mechanism. Creating a bridge between the torn ACL ends fosters the formation of a healing clot, enabling the tissue to knit together.

Advantages Over Reconstruction

Compared to traditional reconstruction, the BEAR Implant boasts several advantages:

  • Single Surgical Site: The BEAR procedure requires only one surgical wound site to heal, reducing recovery time and potential complications.
  • Preservation of ACL Tissue: Unlike reconstruction, which involves removing and replacing ACL tissue, the BEAR Implant maintains the integrity of the native ACL.
  • No Need for Grafts: The BEAR Implant does not rely on grafts from other parts of the body or deceased donors, eliminating concerns about graft quality or disease transmission.


Candidate Criteria and Benefits

Ideal candidates for the BEAR Implant are individuals over 14 with a confirmed ACL rupture proximally near it’s attachment on the femur. Benefits of the procedure include:

Natural Healing

The BEAR Implant promotes the body’s healing process.

Restored ACL Quality

Patients can expect restoration of ACL quality and size like their non-injured ACL.

Simple Outpatient Procedure

The BEAR procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, minimizing disruption to daily life.

Faster Recovery

Patients typically experience a faster recovery of muscle strength compared to reconstruction.

High Patient Satisfaction

Studies show higher patient satisfaction with the ability to return to sports following the BEAR procedure.

The Science Behind the BEAR Implant

The BEAR Implant is a decellularized, bovine-derived collagen implant designed to resorb within eight weeks. It acts as a bridge between torn ACL ends, facilitating healing and restoration of native ACL orientation.

The introduction of the BEAR Implant represents a significant milestone in treating ACL injuries. By harnessing the body’s innate healing capabilities, this procedure offers hope for athletes and active individuals seeking to regain mobility and resume their active lifestyles. If you’ve experienced an ACL injury, discussing the BEAR Implant with your orthopedic surgeon could be the first step toward a smoother recovery.

Dr. Mickelson and Dr. Nathe are now offering the BEAR procedure as an option for ACL treatment. To learn more about the procedure and schedule an appointment, reach out to Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine at (425) 392-3030, visit the Physicians Page on our website, or book directly below: