Kelvin's Road to the Race

“I think this will be a turning point for me. Knowing that I can complete a race – the Enforcer 5K – will allow me to move forward, and get back into an active, competitive running state.”

Kelvin Chan

Meet Kelvin.

Kelvin is an avid competitive runner and a patient at Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. We’re helping him recover from a knee injury so he can make the Enforcer 5K his next great race. Watch this space for updates on Kelvin’s progress as he heals and trains to run the Enforcer 5K.

Kelvin’s Video Diary #1

July 4, 2019 – Follow Kelvin on a training run as he prepares for the Enforcer 5K in August.

Meet Kelvin’s Care Team

Meet Kelvin’s Proliance care team and learn more about his recovery and training process for the Enforcer 5K in August.

Meet Jennifer Briant, Kelvin’s physical therapist at our PT partner, Proliance Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation.
Learn more about Dr. Nathe here.

Kelvin Crosses the Finish Line!

On August 10th, Kelvin successfully completed the Enforcer 5k, hosted by Kam Chancellor. Congratulations Kelvin!

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